Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When to be Shrill

It doesn't seem to cost DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, ever, or for that matter any other Democrat Party spokesmen.  So why do Republican Party operatives avoid it so?

It's not yet clear whether the release of then Senator Barack Obama's 2007 speech to a conference of black clergy at Hampton University will make any difference in this year's election, but a larger point made by conservative blogger Dan Riehl in response to a lot of Republican shoulder shrugging in the wake of the release remains always true (do read the entire blog):
We get it. You’re smart. You’re above it all. Why you’re so damned smart, one day one or two of you may even get elevated to the level of a Joe Scarborough, so no one will bother paying any attention to you at all. 
But you’re also very wrong. You – and I for that matter – are insignificant. What matters is the fight and that some people are willing to engage it, while others are not, or worse, they love to nay say and even occasionally stab our own fighters in the back out of self-interest and a pathetic need to impress. 
Every damned day we have to fight a biased media that spreads every Obama talking point and does everything it can to mute our own. When you fight a war, you seek advantage. Some will be big, some small, but it is the mass of every little bit of ground gained that ultimately allows one to succeed for a, in this case, right and desperately needed cause – to try and save some semblance of a traditional America in the face of a relentless onslaught from an extremely progressive left. 
Meanwhile, conservatives are forced to look around the battle field and on nearly every engagement, there are these often Hill types nagging, wee weeing and nipping at our very own heels.
It's been said by many, and said many, many times, but there does seem to be a stubbornly abiding element within the GOP forever satisfied with second place.

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