Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Triple Crown Maybe?

I didn't see the debate last night as I was, literally, on my way to the other side of the world.  But by all accounts, and every measure, Mitt Romney "schooled" a listless Barack Obama.  Great news for our side as even a stunned elite liberal media seemed to agree.

But there's two more debates to go and with a few days to recover the media will doubtless figure out some way to spin last night as not so bad for their guy after all .

We should enjoy the victory, but caution is warranted.  It's a series, a season actually, not a single event. 

In 1996, my Atlanta Braves, the team of the 90s and eventual winners of fourteen straight division titles, had the resurgent New York Yankees down two games to none and were enjoying a healthy lead in game three when it all fell apart.  That night a new dynasty began.

In this year of Triple Crown winners (congratulations to the Detroit Tigers' Miguel Cabrera!) is a three-peat possible?

(My Braves are back in the playoffs, so I couldn't resist the baseball analogy.)

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