Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Was Wrong

Last night's debate was probably neither the time nor the place to prosecute Benghazi-gate and Mitt Romney, as he wants foremost to be president, did not.  In fact, he didn't even bring it up despite the fact that moderator Bob Schieffer, to his credit, opened the evening with precisely that subject.

If this was a prize fight, Romney managed to appear more like the current champion and Obama the challenger.  (Of course, with no record to run on, to seem again, as in '08, the challenger instead of the incumbent has been Obama's strategy all along.)  For the most part, Romney kept his distance from Obama, which obviously frustrated the president at times.  Romney looked like a professional boxer without ever landing very many punches because he didn't throw very many punches.  To the extent that he engaged Obama at all, he clinched.  He would pursue more or less the same policy as Obama, only better.

The rule is, in a championship fight there are no draws.  The challenger must beat the champion.  If it's close, the champion retains the title.  So, in the reversal of rolls that Obama orchestrated and Romney accepted, Romney last night won the fight.  And, I think, the presidency as well.

But I was also right.

As a result of last night's debate, we've likely heard the last of Benghazi-gate.

If the party's standard-bearer refuses to bring the subject up, few in the Congress will have the stomach for it. (Although Issa might.  We'll see.)

And FOX News, as big and important as it's become, simply cannot do it alone.  Other reporters and pundits who are motivated to pursue the subject (conservative all, no left-wing reporter will show any interest) will increasingly be dismissed with the same derision earlier shown "birthers."

So the Obama administration will get away with it after all and the reason(s) behind the Big Libya Lie will remain a mystery.

Is the removal of Obama from office worth it?

Maybe, I dunno.


  1. Sage,

    Nice post . . . Interestingly, "CBS News" has aggressively pursued the Benghazi story. I can't explain why, but they have broken a number of stories, including the fact that a Drone was circling above while these murders unfolded. Just thought I'd throw this into the mix -- not that I have any love for "CBS News".

  2. Thanks sf.

    CBS? Hmmm? Let's see if they keep it up.