Sunday, October 21, 2012

Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came

A war on women, that is.

Check out the response to contraceptively deprived Sandra Fluke's "Rubbers for Reno" tour.

The "War on Women" always was and remains still a Democrat Party and elite liberal media fabrication.

During that same Wolf Blitzer/Gloria Borger/Ryan Lizza discussion I mentioned in yesterday's post, another key topic of discussion was the "gender gap" and Romney's very real problem attracting the female vote.  Had they been discussing the news instead of continuing their narative, they would have focused on the fact that recent polls indicate a substantial narrowing of the gap.  But that's not the story they intend to tell, and tell over and over again, until we finally believe it's true, true or not.

Sadly, the Romney campaign, and most establishment Republican pols, fell (they always fall) for this story and they almost squandered their entire convention by structuring it largely around the theme that, "No, it's not true, we Republicans and conservatives do like women, really we do."  That kind of approach is always embarrassing and, if I were a women, insulting as well.

But if the polls and the actual number of people drawn to see and hear the Famous Fluke in person are any indication, then most American women, like most Americans period, are worried about far more important and very real problems.

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