Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is Strange

So Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, um, mans up, and takes responsibility for the security lapse in Benghazi that ended with the killing of four Americans.

Interesting, but don't be distracted:

1.  Remember, the Clintons, Bill and Hill both, take responsibility for nothing.  So, why?

2.  The attack and murders happened over a month ago.  So, why now?

3.  Assigning blame for the security breakdown is only part of the story, the second part of the story.  The first and most important part remains:  Why did the administration lie, why did it then persist in lying, and why did it then persist in lying even after it was obvious to all that the tale they were telling about what actually happened in Benghazi was false?

Answer that and all else will become clear.

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