Friday, October 19, 2012


Missed the debate.  On the road again, but from what I read it was more or less a draw.  Nothing really happened.


With a little (predictable) help from debate moderator and Obama groupie Candy Crowley, the President persisted in his Big Libya Lie.

While Romney at least had the guts to bring the subject up, he failed miserably to press the point after Crowley as referee, um, made the debate fair again.

If in the next debate Romney does not force Obama to own up to what he and his administration has said since the attack on the consulate in Benghazi, then he deserves to lose the election. 


  1. "Deserves to lose" Sounds a bit strong Sage. Like him or not, you have to admire Romney's tenacity throughout this entire election. I have watched both debates and quite frankly, have come to admire Mr. Romney's willingness to stand toe to toe with Obama and not back down. You may notice that this week the news media has been almost entirely focused on this single comment. During the debate I to, wanted him to attack but now, after a few days to watch the reaction I am beginning to think Romney's instincts were correct. A lie of this magnitude will be found out, and that is exactly what is happening. What Romney did, in not attacking that night, was to allow boldness of the lie to win the day, even if it didn't win the moment. I've read you comment so many times about Republicans willingness to attack their own and the adverse impact that has on our party. I would hate to think that Romney's failure to set the record straight in one debate would be sufficient cause to believe that he "deserves to lose the election".

  2. On second thought...

    To be fair (really fair, not Crowley fair), I couldn't watch either debate, so I don't have a "feel" for how they went.

    I'm no doubt guilty of over-stating, but even though they impeached him, I remember all too well the GOP finally letting Slick Willie off the hook. For heaven's sake, the guy's treated now by Democrats and Republicans alike as if he deserves to be up there on Mount Rushmore.

    My worry, it's much more than a concern, is that rather than making the case themselves, the GOP establishment will wait and see first which way the wind blows and if it doesn't blow their way, they'll drop the matter entirely. Too politically risky they'll judge it.

    The problem is that if THEY don't make the case, no one will. And if no one will, it will soon become just some otherwise regretable incident in the Obama presidency. Just like Clinton's perjury, subborning of perjury, and obstruction of justice are to his tenure.

    One bald-faced liar in the White House per generation is enough, don't you think?

    Shucks, maybe I'll take that "on second thought" back. I'm fired up.

  3. I agree with everything you said, but from where I sit, the only one taking on Obama right now is Romney. Hey may not say everything I want him to say but at least he is saying something.

  4. I should be clearer. Romney still has and doubtless will get my vote in a few weeks.

    Let's just hope a majority feels the same.