Friday, October 12, 2012

Keep'em Separate

As the Obama administration and campaign (are they distinguishable?) deperately try to change the subject from Benghazi-gate to, well, anything else, the Romney campaign needs to keep separate, and emphatically so, two very distinct issues.

Issue One:  Romney's and Ryan's criticisms leveled in the immediate wake off the Benghazi turmoil were not about whether the murders were a product of a spontaneous protest that got out of hand of an anti-Muslim movie or, instead, a planned, terrorist attack of the compound.  Rather they were criticisms of the apologies for America issued almost reflexively by the State Department and others.

Frankly, this is a fight the Romney campaign ought to relish.  No matter what one or two or ten Americans might say or do to upset Muslims, or even upset Americans, those few don't speak for America and America has nothing to apologize for.  (BTW, neither should America aplogize for the actions of a few soldeirs--urinating on the Koran, e.g.--as such action is routinely punished.  Ryan missed an opportunity on that one last night.)

Issue Two:  This one is very serious.  When it comes to the now undeniable truth that the Benghazi murders were in fact the product of a planned terrorist attack, did the administration lie to the American public about what they knew and when they knew it?  Are they continuing their lying?  All politics aside, for justice' sake the entire GOP must press this one to the bitter end.

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