Friday, October 12, 2012

Nothing's Changed

Managed to sit through the entirety of last night's VP debate.  Neither candidate moved the ball forward, although Palooka Joe may well have lost his team a yard or two.

Both men more or less lived up to their billing.  Ryan was well-informed, capable, business-like, not to say "stiff".  Biden was his usual cartoonish self, replete with that annoying capped-tooth grin.  (To attribute a "Cheshire smile" to Biden is to afford him a degree of seriousness he simply does not deserve.)

The things is if you're a Biden foe like me then his buffoonery is unsurprising.  And if you're an ally then you've already discounted it.  (No serious person from the Right or Left thinks Joe Biden is anything but a buffoon.)   

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