Sunday, October 14, 2012

They Just Might

After watching FOX News Sunday host Chris Wallace focus the lion's share of his questioning of Obama campaign advisor David Axelrod on whether or not the administration is trying to avoid responsibility by attempting to shift the blame for what happened in Benghazi to the intelligence community broadly and the State Department in particular, I'm thinking Obama and Company may get away with it after all.

While an unseemly avoidance of responsibility by the administration is certainly an interesting part of the larger story, it is not the core issue.  The issue that virtually screams for attention is why the administration first lied and then continued to lie about what it had to know almost immediately was not a spontaneous mob protest that got out of control.

If in this particular case even FOX News doesn't have the stomach to ask the tough questions, you can be sure no other major network will be prompted to investigate.

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