Sunday, October 21, 2012


America's beloved documentary filmmaker Ken Burns (The Civil War, Baseball, Jazz, e.g.) is casting his vote in a couple of weeks for Barack Obama once again and he urges us to do the same.


Because the current state of our country reminds him very much of that great film, a favorite of his, It's a Wonderful Life.  As Burns sees it, we are faced this November with an historic choice: Either we reelect the very good George Bailey (Obama) and become/restore/remain the idyllic Bedford Falls of lore, or we fall victim to the very evil banker Mr. Potter (Romney) and watch helplessly as he proceeds to construct in his own image a poisonous Pottersville, doubtless replete with "dark satanic mills"?

If I've read a more cliched piece of writing lately I don't know where.  (You really need to read it to believe it.)

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