Wednesday, March 28, 2012

That Was Worth It, Wasn't It?

As long as we're talking about a war on women...

Seems like an eternity ago already, but do you recall the controversy surrounding the decision by the Susan G. Komen Foundation's decision to halt contributions to abortion provider Planned Parenthood?  As the Foundation's chief purpose is the fight against breast cancer and not abortion politics, it seemed like a reasonable decision to most.  But not, we quickly learned, to doctrinaire feminists as they quickly took to the streets and airwaves in protest and because they are well organized and very loud (despite being relatively few in number), they got their way and the Foundation reversed its decision.

The result?  Well, the Foundation has seen its brand value fall precipitously from number 2 to number 54 among 79 similar non-profits and along with it, its ability to raise funds as well.  This was, of course, all very predictable.

I'm old enough to remember when, for a season, the pro-choice movement adopted the "coat hanger" as its defining symbol.  As in, if you take away our right to an abortion, we'll use a coat hanger to do the job ourselves and the blood that will result will be on your hands.

I also remember thinking at the time, and in the wake of the Komen Foundation controversy and the fallout do so again now, about one of the great scenes in the Mel Brooks' film, Blazing Saddles.  It's when the townspeople of Rock Ridge first discover that their new sheriff is black and therefore immediately set about the business of lynching him.  Quick thinking Cleavon Little as the sheriff pulls his own gun on himself and declaims, "The next man that makes a move, the n***** gets it."

After successfully escaping, Little congratulates himself and says, "Oh baby, you are so talented...and they are so dumb."

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