Monday, March 5, 2012

Blood in the Water

I was pretty busy at the end of last week and therefore missed all the fuss over Rush Limbaugh's on-air reaction to Sandra Fluke's testimony before Congress.  Ms. Fluke, a Georgetown Law student of otherwise dubious credentials, save, of course, her gender and extreme left-wing ideology, insisted before the committee that while you and I and the rest of the right-wing Taliban must stay the hell out of her bedroom, we remain nonetheless obliged to slide a check under the door to fund the consequences of her, uh, "choice".

Sounds tailor-made for sarcasm, satire, and parody to me.

From what I've read and heard since then, it seems clear to me that Rush was outraged and therefore responded outrageously.  Not much new in that.  That's what he does.

Not much new either in the Left's taking advantage of such an opportunity to feign, no, to fake being aggrieved and outraged and to posture accordingly.  That's what they do, and especially so when the target is as big game as El Rushbo.

What is new is Rush's apology.  Rush is famous not only for refusing to bow to the Left, but for deftly turning their attacks back on them.  To cite only one example, remember the "phony soldier" comment and charge of just a few years back?

So, I suspect like many of you, I'm eager to hear Rush explain himself later today.

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