Thursday, March 8, 2012

PC Soldiers, cont.

I posted about this general problem sometime back, that is, the problem of our armed services becoming  increasingly captive to the strictures of liberal political correctness, and it seems it's here to stay.

The issue then was the publication of the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) and among the various threats to the nation listed was the inclusion of "climate change" as one of our most serious security risks.

Well, the Navy, for one, has not been idle in its response to this potential threat.  The service has been quite busy switching from traditional to biofuels and other alternative energy sources to power its ships and planes and currently plans to launch its Great Green Fleet in 2016.

Something is fundamentally amiss when the leaders of the armed forces of as great power are more concerned with pleasing liberal constituencies, constituencies that question the need for an armed force in the first place, than they are in combat readiness and effectiveness.

While I pray that we somehow muddle safely through this era of utter unseriousness before some real threat emerges, I'm afraid that until a real threat does emerge, we'll remain hopelessly mired in it.

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