Tuesday, March 6, 2012


[mi-soj-uh-nee] noun: hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women

By the way, this entire Limbaugh contretemps brings up another pet peeve of mine.

Because, when engaged in a bar fight, one reaches for and employs the closest weapon at hand, in this case the epithet "slut", it does not make one a misogynist.  Neither does, in and of itself, using the "n" word make you a racist, the "f" word a homophobe, etc. 

In the case of women, for example, I was shocked, yes, shocked, twenty or so years ago when I was newly teaching undergraduates and for the first time in my life heard women routinely refer to each other, not jokingly, as chicks, sluts, skanks (that one was new to me), whores, b******, c****, and worse.  (Can you even imagine worse?)  Am I seriously to believe that all these young women were misogynists?

While I posted liberal Kirsten Powers' column yesterday because she "refreshingly" took her side to task for their own, uh, serial indiscretions, frankly, I think she overstates when she calls even Bill Maher a misogynist.

Bill Maher is a vulgar, second-rate, low-rent, left-wing hack, who wants oh-so-badly to be taken seriously, but I don't think he's a misogynist.  He's not that smart nor that funny so, when he wants to insult someone on the other side, his recourse, his only recourse, is to engage in adolescent potty-mouthing. 

In America, genuine misogyny exists mostly in the minds and hairsplitting imaginations of doctrinaire feminists.  We live in a vulgar age and it unfortunately infects us all, even Rush Limbaugh, even them.  

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