Friday, March 23, 2012

B-Movie Material

In his reliably entertaining fashion, Jonah Goldberg comments on the latest GOP campaign faux pas, Etch-A-Sketch-gate:
Every few years I write a column on one of my biggest peeves about GOP strategists and politicians: They read their stage direction, usually in an effort to suck up to political reporters. Some elder-statesman hack wonders aloud, usually anonymously, about whether the campaign will “go negative.” Here’s a tip: If you’re going to go negative, go negative. Don’t announce it.
Give the Democrats their due: They fake their outrage with more sincerity. Chuck Schumer never prefaces a comment with, “I’m now about to make an entirely indefensible claim in order to trick the media into looking over there.”
For liberals, acting is part of their life's blood.  As they cannot tell you what they really want (even if they knew, no map to utopia exists), dissembling about their agenda comes with the territory and, as a result, they get pretty good at pretending.  But no conservative, that is, no genuine conservative, should not need stage directions, or even a script for that matter.

Which, explains, by the way, the general dissatisfaction on the Right with this slate of candidates.

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