Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Rest of the Story

I posted a week or so ago on the Journal of Medical Ethics article in which two, um, ethicists argued quite seriously for the morality of "After-birth Abortions."  Andrew Ferguson has followed the story a bit farther and learned, among other things, that the authors of the piece were more than a bit surprised by the uncountable negative responses they received ans, as a result, offered a public apology.  Ferguson reports:
“We are really sorry that many people, who do not share the background of the intended audience for this article, felt offended, outraged, or even threatened,” they wrote. “The article was supposed to be read by other fellow bioethicists who were already familiar with this topic and our arguments.” It was a thought experiment. After all, among medical ethicists “this debate”​—​about when it’s proper to kill babies​—​“has been going on for 40 years.”

Do read all of Ferguson's piece.


  1. How far after birth? Don't they realize how serious this is? Just label it abortion and anyone could get away with murder. If life is not important before birth eventually it will not be important at all.

  2. Amen Jessica!

    They either don't know how serious this is, or don't care.

    God help us if it's the latter.