Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who Then?

Regarding the continuing impasse on raising the debt ceiling, the last caller to Rush Limbaugh's radio program today said something that suggests a potentially very useful line of rhetorical attack for the Republicans.  Actually, it's more than just rhetoric.

The next time McConnell, Boehner, or Cantor stand in front of a bevy of cameras they should ask this question:
"In the absence of a meaningful agreement to cut federal spending, the debt ceiling simply will not be raised by this Congress before the President's deadline of 2 August.  However, on that day there will remain in the treasury, nevertheless, multiples of billions of dollars of unspent funds.  In fact, that number will grow considerably over the following days and weeks.  If it is the President's intention, as he and his Treasury Secretary have indicated, neither to service the debt, nor to issue social security checks with the revenue on hand, on what and to whom will the money be spent?  Those who will or will not receive a check deserve to know in order to plan for the contingency."

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