Thursday, July 28, 2011

Is this Hooterville?

Remember that 1960s TV show Green Acres?  The one where Eddie Albert as attorney "Oliver Wendell Douglas" leaves Manhattan with his glamorous wife for "farm livin'" in Hooterville, USA?  The running joke on which the rest of the show's humor was based was that Albert was the only sane person in the community, while everyone else, including his wife, were more than a little weird, crazy, or just plain stupid.  But as he was absolutely alone in his sanity, and they, all of them, unified in their insanity, well, an absurd, topsy-turvy world ensued.

If you're too young to remember that show, the second Bob Newhart show, the one where he was an innkeeper in Vermont, had almost exactly the same premise.

Anyway, I sometimes feel like the Albert character as a I follow the news about the negotiations over whether, when, and how to raise the nation's debt ceiling.

How President Obama and the congressional Democrats, the very people who alone (i.e., without any Republican votes) are to blame for bringing us so soon to this crisis point due to their world class incontinent spending over the past two and one-half years, are treated by all concerned, most especially by the elite media, as somehow responsible parties in the on-going negotiations is, quite frankly, beyond my ability to respond sensibly.  As I say, I feel like Mister Douglas in the show.

So again I ask, is this Hooterville?  


  1. No, this isn't Hooterville. Hooterville was full of lovable characters.

  2. You're right! Please forgive me Mr. Haney, Arnold the Pig, Sam Drucker, Hank Kimball, et al