Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If Not Now, When?

"Cut, Cap, and Balance"  Aside from the cute alliteration and meter, it's an extremely inelegant policy instrument, isn't it?  It seems that almost everything the Tea Party-constrained GOP leadership advances to address the debt crisis, the budget crisis, and the faltering economy is clumsy and ham-fisted, doesn't it?

Meanwhile, the President and the Democrats sit idly on the sidelines offering neither budget nor plan, offering nothing in fact but higher taxes, more regulation, bigger government, and criticism, sarcasm even.  Still, somehow, they manage to emerge the responsible party in the debate.

It ain't fair, is it?

No, it's not.

But the real adult in the room doesn't get stuck on "fair".  He doesn't stop, when the house is on fire, when the bus is careening over the cliff, when the ship is sinking, to fret or scheme about who benefits, who pays.

Instead, he acts, and he does so decisively.  He acts because it's necessary, he acts because he's duty-bound to do so, he acts despite the hard, cold, unfair fact that he will likely garner little credit for it and may even shoulder much of the blame.

The Great Reckoning continues.

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