Friday, July 22, 2011

We're Having a Heat Index Wave

How did that old tune go?   "A tropical heat index wave"

Yea, it's hot out there, it's hot out almost everywhere.  But have you noticed that to make it appear even hotter than it actually is, the media have taken to printing or posting the "heat index" versus the raw temperature?  When did this practice become so widespread?

Two Theories:

1.  Global warming has been so thoroughly discredited at this point, not to mention supplanted by fear of a very real financial collapse, that the elite media feels some obligation to help out their fellow "warmers."  The "heat index", a register of both heat and humidity, is always a bigger number and when you show a map of the US filled with 100s, well, then maybe there's something to that climate change stuff after all.

2.  The temperature is a hard number.  The humidity is a hard number.  But the "heat index" is an index of "feeling".  As in, "Yes, I know it's only 95, but it feels like a 100, doesn't it?"  What could be more modern than that?

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