Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Comparison

And I can't believe it was Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) who made it.

On FOX News Sunday, Senator Kyle said this: "The tea party folks in the House who say they're standing on principle not to raise the debt ceiling remind me a lot of Senator Barack Obama who did the same thing -- voting against the debt ceiling increase when he was in the Senate."

I'm sorry Senator Kyl, but former Senator Obama's objection to raising the debt ceiling had nothing to do with a principled concern over the size of the national debt, a fact that has become all too clear with his, ahem, less than disciplined fiscal policies.  His point then, which was clear at the time, was a completely political and partisan one of sticking it to then President Bush and the GOP.

The Tea Partiers, by contrast, ran and were elected on a pledge to rein in deficit spending and get the national budget under control.  Their stand is not only consistent with that pledge, it is demanded by it.

This is a comment I would have expected from that other Arizona senator, you know the one, the Maverick, but not from Senator Kyl.  However, it does serve to demonstrate once again just how much the Senate, unlike the House, is a far too chummy club.

The case for term limits grows again.

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