Saturday, July 2, 2011

"The one constant through all the years..."

If you're in need a short summertime diversion, you could do worse than a quick read of this piece by Jim Kaplan over at  It's an adaptation from his book The Greatest Game Ever Pitched about the classic 16-inning duel on July 2, 1963 between the Milwaukee Braves 42-year-old left-hander, Warren Spahn, and the San Francisco Giants 25-year-old right-handed ace, Juan Marichal, both destined for Cooperstown.

Because he was a superstar--although that word wasn't yet invented--I knew Spahn by name and reputation.  But his career was played out before I came of age.  Marichal, however, was very much a part of my growing up.  As boys learning to play the game in the mid- to late-sixties, we all tried to imitate his distinctively high leg kick.  If it worked for Juan Marichal, maybe it'll work for me. 

It didn't.

Anyway, enjoy.


  1. I saw Warren Spahn pitch against the Giants at Candlestick. He not only won the game on the mound but hit a home run to provide the margin--3-2 win, I recall.

  2. I envy you. As you read in the article, he almost hit one out in the game against Marichal.