Sunday, July 3, 2011

Independence Day

While I have no problem with remembering tomorrow as the "Fourth of July" or "America's Birthday", I think "Independence Day" does both it and us more justice.  

I'd like to suggest that tomorrow, in addition to celebrating this still great country, you would pause for at least a moment to ask yourself a question or two:  Who or what owns you?  What do you have to have?

Is it drugs, booze, tobacco, porn, golf, shopping, credit, government largesse?  Insofar as you're dependent on someone or something other than yourself and those closest to you, you're not a free man. 

After taking stock about whatever it is that does own you, I'd ask that you make a pledge before God that in the coming year you will make a genuine effort to break its bonds of dominion over you.

Then, next year, when we celebrate again, whatever else you are, you'll be a freer man, a man more jealous of the freedom he enjoys, a man more able to pledge yet again to become freer still in the year ahead.

Can you imagine a country of 300-million truly free and self-reliant citizens?

Our Founders could. 

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