Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where Four of Ten Die

Gotham City, that is, where the large "A" stands not for the "Big Apple", but for ""The Abortion Capital of the World" instead.

The city released new statistics this week revealing that 40% of all its pregnancies end in an abortion, nearly double the national rate.  When the Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York held a press conference to express outrage over the outrageous numbers, NARAL Pro Choice New York vice president Mary Alice Carr had this to say:
If the Archbishop and his allies are truly committed to lowering the New York City abortion rate, they might consider supporting the tools proven to reduce unintended pregnancies: comprehensive sex education and birth control for sexually active individuals.
Hmm, and all along I thought these people thought abortion was a tool proven to reduce unintended pregnancies, a very successful form of birth control.

Maybe we're starting to get to them.

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