Monday, January 31, 2011

Gator Aid

The news broke just a short while ago that a US District judge in Florida had ruled Obamacare  unconstitutional.  He did so chiefly because of the "individual mandate" provision that required citizens to purchase health insurance.  The news made me think again about the oft-used comparison of health insurance with auto insurance.

The Left has no trouble mandating auto insurance because, they will argue, driving is a privilege, and not a right.  But health care, they insist, is not simply a privilege, and most especially not simply a privilege of the privileged.  It is, rather, a natural right, up there with life and liberty.  Am I to understand, then, that they want to force us to pay for a right?

Maybe they would have had more luck with the judge had they argued that no one has any obligation to pay for their own health insurance.  Why, that would violate not only the Constitution, but the spirit of the Declaration as well.  However, one absolutely must pay for everyone else's health insurance.  Now shut up and fork it over.   

I shoulda been a lawyer.


"Who's there?"


"Asbestos who?"

"Asbestos I can tell, we're gonna make a million bucks on this lawsuit."