Monday, January 24, 2011

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

This past Saturday marked the 38th anniversary of the US Supreme Court's notorious Roe vs. Wade decision, the result of which is that untold millions are not with us.  God have mercy!

One good result of the decision, however, was the birth of non-profit Crisis Pregnancy Centers across the land.  These Centers offer a host of services to women facing a crisis pregnancy, services that resolutely do not include access to an abortionist.

They can use your help.  Look up the one in your area and, if you can, write'em a check.  Better yet, if you're so moved, volunteer.  You'll never be the same.


  1. Our local crisis pregnancy center at Shady Grove Hospital in Gaithersburg, MD shows sonograms and claims a subsequent high rate (70%?) of those who keep their child.

  2. Good news indeed. Our local Center made a presentation this Saturday to my denomination and announced similar results.