Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One "Itty-bitty" Term

In a 2010 special election, againt all odds, Massachusetts GOP Senator Scott Brown won the seat long held by the late Ted Kennedy.  He did so largely by highlighting for Bay State voters the differences between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals.  Now it seems he has decided his political fortunes are better served by blurring those distinctions.

Agreeing to Colorado Democrat Senator Mark Udall's suggestion that at the President's upcoming State of the Union Address, the Senators from both parties should sit together, instead of apart as they traditionally have, Brown asks that people not notice the "itty-bitty letter" at the end of his title. 

“I’ll sit where ever they put me. I don’t care,” said Brown.

Voters do care, however.  And they care even more about where, and whether, he'll stand.  I'm afraid that if Brown, who faces re-election in 2012, now actually thinks the way he's acting, his tenure in Washington will be short indeed.

The power of that place to suck, surely and quickly, the manhood out of Republican lawmakers never ceases to amaze me.

 But then, Scott Brown was a male model, wasn't he?

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