Monday, January 10, 2011

Dick Winters, RIP

Major Richard D. Winters, US Army, the hero of Easy Company, made known to us all through the book and the 2001 HBO miniseries, Band of Brothers, has died at 92

If you watched the series (and you must), it was impossible to find anything but intense admiration for the man as he was portrayed by the fine British actor Damien Lewis.  According to the late Stephen Ambrose, the historian who wrote the book on which the series was based, the portrayal was as close to the truth about Dick Winters as a film could be expected to be.  In a 2001 BBC interview, Ambrose said that he hoped young people, after reading the book or watching the series, would say, “'I want to be like Dick Winters.'  Not necessarily as soldiers, but as that kind of leader, that kind of man, with basic honesty and virtue and an understanding of the difference between right and wrong.”  RIP

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