Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Way Evil Creeps

I was watching FOX News tonight and was struck by the report that PETA was filing suing over the "slavery" of performing whales. They're arguing that not only people, but whales too are protected by the Constitution from just such, uh, arrangements.

What struck me was not the craziness of PETA, nothing new in that, but the way in which FOX News anchorman Bret Baier reported the story. It was obvious that he was struggling gamely to keep a straight face as he spoke. And he did. Why?

Such a story deserves being reported with derision and mockery.  If, that is, it deserves being reported at all. If now even the editors at FOX News think they have to at least pretend to seriousness over something like this, then, mark my words, in fairly short order it'll be before the courts and soon thereafter on the ballot as well.

Don't believe me. Pause for just a moment and think of some other issue that only a few years ago would have been quickly dismissed as ridiculously over the top. "Homosexual "marriage", for one, comes to mind.

This is what evil does, it creeps. It rarely slaps you in the face. If it did, you'd strike back immediately, or better yet, you'd scoff.

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