Monday, February 13, 2012

A Right to "Privacy" My A**

The Left insists on an imagined constitutional right to "privacy" and then, with a straight face, demands that you pay for everyone else's "contraceptives", Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) research and treatment thereof, not to mention the whole host of social services necessary for the rearing of the ever-growing number of children victimized by our sexually incontinent age.

Tell me, what the hell is "private" about that?

For a less, um, emotional outburst--but only a little less--see George Weigel's latest piece on the Left's real goal at NRO.


  1. Well Sage, you seem to think the left should have a concern over their inconsistent, illogical, or should I say downright idiotic arguments they use to support positions they hold so dear. C’mon, surely you don’t think they do? The fact is that it doesn’t matter what they say in defending their desires, as long as it sounds good at the moment. Do you really think there are “lefties” out there that can actually connect the dots? Heck, even if they did I am not sure they would know what they were looking at.