Saturday, February 25, 2012

Chinese Checkers

Language checkers, that is.

It seems the Asian American Journalists Association (no, really, there is one) has produced language guidelines for reporters and commentators informing them of what is and is not acceptable when referring to Asian Americans either in print or on the air.  (My title is no doubt unacceptable.)  This, of course, comes in the wake of the sudden celebrity of New York Knick point guard and Chinese-American Jeremy Lin, who, by all accounts is not only a good basketball player, but a great guy to boot.

Anyway, back to the AAJA, something tells me these guys are liberals and it highlights yet another signal of genuine conservatism.  No conservative would waste one minute of his life's precious time worrying about what words and phrases should and should not insult him.  Sticks and stones...

Left-wingers who slip up from time to time and say stupid things like the ESPN reporter did last week should be mocked for their hypocrisy.  It's important that we do so.  But no one should become the object of language police, not in this country.

Lighten up America!

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