Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gay Like Me...again

It seems that Pinal County Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu is a homosexual.   You know him.  He's the always uniformed, very lean, bald guy who appears on FOX News alot loudly complaining about how the Obama Administration is not doing enough to combat illegal immigration or secure the borders, the same guy who's also currently running as a Republican for the 4th Congressional District seat in Arizona.  Yea, him.

Well, he's gay after all and he admits it.  Of course he had to after an expose was published just last week by the good government types at the The Phoenix New Times, along with an accompanying story about how he threatened his illegal immigrant former lover with deportation for refusing to promise never to discuss publicly their relationship.

If you're a liberal Democrat, this story has to seem almost too good to be true.  (Seems that way to me too.)  It's already got David Catanese over at POLITICO furrowing his brow:  "The entire episode will likely raise larger questions about closeted Republican candidates and officeholders and the political risks of remaining in the closet."

Hmm.  I think I know what's going on here.

I've recommended this course of action before and it always makes my wife uncomfortable when I bring it up again.  What the hell, here goes:

Like Sheriff Babeu, I'm gay too.

C'mon Sage, you can't be gay.  You're married, got kids.  There's no evidence that you're gay.

I'm repressed.


Yep, so repressed in fact that I'm opposed to the whole militant homosexual agenda to include same-sex marriage.  So stridently opposed am I to all of it that I simply must be a homophobe.  And, as the left-wing media keeps telling us, homophobia is the surest sign of latent homosexuality.  You've seen American Beauty, haven't you?  Won an Oscar.

So, you heard me right, like Sheriff Babeu, I'm gay too.  I have to be.

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