Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Too Far Senator, Too Far

Attorney General Eric Holder appeared before a Senate committee today to answer questions about the ill-fated "Fast and Furious" program.  Along the way, he had this interchange with Senator John Cornyn, R-TX:
Cornyn: "Have you apologized to the family of Brian Terry [the murdered Border Patrol agent]?"

Holder: "I have not apologized to them, but I certainly regret what happened."

Cornyn: "Have you even talked to them?"

Holder: "I have not."

Cornyn: "Would you like to apologize today for this program that went so wrong that took the life of a United States law enforcement agent?"
I'm not really interested in Holder's answer to this question, an answer I'm sure is filled with the   evasions, half-truths, and refusals to accept responsibility we've come to expect from him on behalf of this administration. 

What I am interested in, and upset about, is the direction and tone of Cornyn's questioning here.

Uh, Senator, this is not us.  This is them.  This is precisely the bull$#!+, grandstanding, "gotcha" kind of questioning employed by Democrat pols and their too-many-to-count aiders and abettors in the elite media.

Keep it professional Senator.  The facts of this case are on our side and, at least this time, the facts are all we need.

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