Thursday, November 17, 2011

Christmas Victims

The Hollings Cancer Center of Charleston, SC has decided to close its doors to Santa Claus this season.  Why?  Well, because the administration is fearful of giving offense.  To whom?  Uh, not sure, someone, maybe.

Such is the power of political correctness that even when no "victim" is present, nearby, within sight, or anticipated, we are now forced to imagine them nevertheless.

And don't be fooled when some representative of the Left, an ACLU lawyer perhaps, laughs and says the hospital is over-reacting.  If they, the Left, decides they need it, that there is something they want, you can be sure that in short order there will be a rent-a-rally out front of sign-carrying "pretend vicims" demanding some concession or other from the hospital.

Political correctness is a now well-established tool of the Left, or weapon rather, always loaded and cocked, even if not yet aimed.  

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