Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Did you see Herman Cain's press conference?

He denied all the accusations.  Inarticulately at times, certainly not Ivy League trained, but clearly and without equivocation.  No one had to listen carefully, parse the words, or chew over the phrasing after the fact.  For heaven's sake, the guy said he would submit to a lie detector test

Most definitely not Bill Clinton, almost the anti-politician.

Look, I don't know who's telling the truth.  As they say, it's a "He said, she said," or "He said, they said."  But, and I've said this before in a different context, if you cannot understand, appreciate, or at least concede, the political appeal of a Herman Cain, then I have no choice but to conclude that you are simply not interested in actually winning elections.

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