Friday, November 25, 2011

Do-Nothing Democrats

In that same piece, Krauthammer makes yet another important point:
Has the president ever publicly proposed a single significant structural change in any entitlement? After Simpson-Bowles reported? No. In his February budget? No. In his April 13 budget “framework”? No. During the debt-ceiling crisis? No. During or after the supercommittee deliberations? No. 
As regarding the supercommittee, Obama was AWOL — then immediately pounced on its failure by going on  TV to repeat his incessantly repeated campaign theme of the do-nothing (Republican) Congress. 
A swell slogan that fits nicely with the Norquist myth. Except for another inconvenient fact: It is the Republicans who passed — through the House, the only branch of government they control — a real budget that cut $5.8 trillion of spending over the next ten years. Obama’s February budget, which would have increased spending, was laughed out of  the Senate, voted down 97– 0. As for the Democratic Senate, it has submitted no budget at all for two and a half years.
Starting now, no GOP presidential candidate, no Republican congressman or senator, should let more than two sentences pass in any print or electronic media interview without saying these words: "The Do-Nothing Democrats"

We absolutely must fight back.

Besides, the alliteration is nice.

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