Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Could it Be?

For some reason, I found this L.A. Times headline and story about as encouraging and hopeful as anything I've read or heard lately:  "Colorado Voters Reject Raising Taxes to Support Education"

At last count, yesterday's vote in the Centennial State over "Prop 103" was 65% - 35% against the initiative. "Prop 103", had it passed, would have raised a hodgepodge of state taxes to the tune of some $3 billion, but only temporarily and only for the purpose of funding education.

Could it be that in a bell-weather state like Colorado, they've finally come to their collective common sense?  That is, have the voters there awoken to the fact that pouring even one more dollar down the black hole of just about government-run anything, including even government-run "education", you know, the bureaucracy that's most obviously "for the children", is at some point unforgivably foolhardy?

And if so, what does this signal about the disposition of the rest of the country when we all go to the polls in November of 2012?

I know, it's still a long way from here to there, but you'll forgive me if I smile (maybe even smirk) for just a moment or two, won't you?

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