Monday, August 15, 2011

You Don't Say?

British Prime Minister David Cameron acknowledges the obvious about the riots that have troubled London the past week.  They are, he says, a product of a "slow-motion moral collapse."

Here, as there, the countless roads to hell that have always accompanied whatever good intentions were present at the creation and many re-creations of the nanny state have finally been exposed in all their un-photoshopped ugliness.  The looming collapse of the nanny state is not for a lack of adequate funding.  In fact, a surfeit of funds (or of credit) in the past has served chiefly to pay for the cleanup of the many messes caused by its creation in the first place.

As I've explained before, the Great Reckoning is not simply about balancing the books if by that one means reconciling income with expenses.  The balancing is fundamentally moral in nature.  The bill is due and the Reckoning continues 

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