Tuesday, August 16, 2011

All Things Being Equal

As I've mentioned before, I'm not a Sarah Palin fan, but I am a Sarah Palin supporter.  Chiefly because she's steadfastly on our side, but also because of that quality about her that is oh so refreshing, i.e., she's willing to fight back.

I am also very much aware that she has become a divisive political figure...among Republicans and conservatives, that is.  That fact always puzzles me and sometimes angers me.  I mean, for heaven's sake, is there suddenly some shortage of loony liberal Democrats at which one can vent their frustrations?

Nevertheless, all things being equal, I am willing to concede that this piece by Quin Hillyer in the American Spectator, no liberal rag, which takes a very hard shot at Mrs. Palin for her rudeness and petulance toward a reporter is fair.  Hillyer summarizes:  "If Palin wants to get rid of the image of being a difficult diva with a rude streak, she needs to stop acting like a difficult diva with a rude streak."  (Read the piece to get the details.)

That being said, can you ever imagine a similar piece being written by a liberal pundit or an elite media reporter (but I repeat myself) about Hillary Clinton, for example, for some similar act of rudeness and petulance? 

I cannot.

That fact is now and has been for sometime to the Left's great political advantage.  However unscrupulous liberals might otherwise be, they never shoot their own, at least not publicly.

All things being equal rarely happens in real life.


  1. I suspect that the frustration that many have towards Palin is not actually directed towards Palin herself. There is much to like about her and I can understand your support for her. For me, what is most troubling is that conservatives, a group which I proudly associate myself with, have the right answers, the right perspective, and the more proper world view, seem incapable of putting forward a formidable candidate. While I have no dislike of Palin at all I find myself thinking the same thoughts I had the night McCain announced her as his running mate. That being, "is this the best we can do?" In a conversation I had with a coworker not long after the last election I made a less than favorable comment in reference to Mrs. Palin to which he responded quite angrily, "well, she is certainly as smart as Barack Obama." I suppose that sums up the frustration I have towards Sarah Palin...that being, is being as smart as Barack Obama the new standard? If so, then God help us. Of course, I must readily admit that my frustration lies with the Republican Party and not with Mrs. Palin at all.

  2. Sage you need to check under the comments to this column. There are a number of links that describe what supposedly really happened. Also why have we not heard from Mr. Pappas directly in this matter? Maybe after he gets his self-esteem restoration counseling he will be able to come forth and tell us his side of the story. Just my thinking, and if she did offend, then she should do the bigger thing and apologize. I am so tired of these people going after those who are on OUR side. If they spent as much time going after Democrats our cause would be better served.

  3. Well said M.

    Bergamot, I will check the comments made to Mr. Hillyer for myself. Meanwhile, ALL SAGE READERS! DO SO AS WELL! Maybe he wasn't as fair as I first thought.