Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Teed Off But Teed Up Too

I listened to Rush Limbaugh's opening-hour monologue yesterday and the Great One had this to say:
Well, the Senate is prepared to vote on the bill. It's a fait accompli. It is going to happen, and depending on where you look, everybody's claiming to be winners, and in other places you look everybody's claiming to be losers. If everybody lost, it means it's probably a pretty good deal. If everybody's unhappy, it's that line of thinking. I look at this, ladies and gentlemen, and I see an absolute, total waste of effort, a total waste of time. It's gonna come down now to how dispirited people are and just how much they want to continue to fight for this, because what happened here is typical Washington. It's the same old, same old. There's nothing really new in this in the way it all happened when you boil it all down.
Pretty much my sentiments exactly, save for one thing:

If no GOP candidate, presidential or otherwise, is able to make serious poltiical hay out of what just happened, if the American people's attention span is shorter than the mere 16 months left until the next election, then the Republic's long and proud run deserves to end.

It's in our hands it should be.

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