Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why So Few Terrorists?

With a billion Muslims worldwide, Charles Kurzman wonders why, after 9/11especially, but even before, there are so relatively few Islamist terrorists?

He proffers five reasons, mostly sound, that boil down to the fact that your average Muhammad, just like your average Joe, is willing neither to kill nor die for someone else's overheated passions, even if the source of that passion is a common faith.

He omits, however, one very important, and obvious, reason (I'll leave it for you to decide why):  After 9/11 there arose in the West, among a majority at least, the will to strike back and strike back we did.  As a result the cost for Muhammad of signing up with his otherwise terrorist buddies went up, and more than just a bit.

Your average Muhammad, again, just like your average Joe, is no fool.

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