Friday, August 26, 2011

Cheney Unplugged

That's silly.  Dick Cheney was never "plugged" in the first place. 

By almost all accounts, and this one from POLITICO is no exception, the former vice president's new memoir is as forthright as the man himself.

When President Reagan passed away in 2004, my favorite of all the many speeches delivered in his honor was the one given by Dick Cheney.  I said as much at the time to a friend, but she didn't understand.  It was too clipped, too understated, she objected.  I disagreed.  I argued that it sang Reagan's praises at a pace as deliberate as a lone drummer marking time for a column of veteran soldiers.  While the tempo did not vary, it grew to a crescendo nevertheless.  And the crescendo said this:  "This was the Ronald Reagan I knew and I dare you to disagree with me."

That was and still is Dick Cheney.  We were blessed to have him as our Vice President.

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