Thursday, April 5, 2012

What is "Judicial Activism"?

As you knew she would, Ann Coulter weighs in on President Obama's intemperate remarks from the other day about the proper duties of that "unelected group of people" otherwise known as the Supreme Court.

Among the President's more egregious misunderstandings, or mischaracterizations, was the one he made about the meaning of judicial activism, long a conservative complaint about rulings coming from liberal justices on the Court.  Here Coulter offers as good a short-hand definition of it as any:
Decisions not plausibly based on anything in the Constitution.
Of course, she wouldn't be herself if she didn't also take a shot:
Curiously, the only court opinions liberals really get excited about are the ones having nothing to do with the Constitution: abortion, nude dancing, gay marriage, pornography, coddling criminals, etc., etc.

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