Sunday, April 29, 2012

Letting Slip the Dogs of War

Partisan war, that is.

Why is it OK for the Left to pick on Mitt Romney with the now tired dog-on-the-car-roof story, along with the his-great-grandfather-was-a-polygamist smear, but not OK for the Right to fight back with the President's own words and voice admitting to once sampling canine cuisine, not to mention the fact that a relative as near as the very father he used to dream about was a polygamist too?

We of course know the answer, but who better to elaborate than Mark Steyn?:
My point is that self-loathing cultural relativism is so deeply ingrained on the left that any revulsion to dog-eating is trumped by revulsion to criticizing any of the rich, vibrant cultural diversity out there in Indonesia or anywhere else. Most polygamy in the developed world is nothing to do with Mormons: It’s widely practiced by Western Muslims, whose plural marriages are recognized de facto by French and Ontario welfare departments and de jure by Britain’s pensions department. But “edgy” “transgressive” leftie comics on sad, pandering standup shows will reserve their polygamy jokes for Mormons until the last stern-faced elder in Utah keels over at the age of 112. In the United Kingdom, 57 percent of Pakistani Britons are married to their first cousins, with attendant increases in their children’s congenital birth defects. Bur the comics save their inbreeding jokes for stump-toothed West Virginians enjoying a jigger of moonshine and a bunk-up with their sisters. The editor of Washington’s leading gay newspaper was gay-bashed in Amsterdam, “the most tolerant city in Europe,” but by Muslims rather than the pasty rednecks who killed Matthew Shepard, so liberals don’t have a dog in this fight. Likewise, the epidemic of black-on-black murder vs. the once-in-a-blue-moon Trayvon Martin: To the liberal mindset, certain dogs won’t hunt. In one of his many bestsellers, Ayatollah Khomeini produced a hierarchy of “the uncleans”: Dogs are at Number Six, Infidels are at Number Eight, and Number Eleven is “the sweat of an unlawful ejaculation.” In the liberal hierarchy, conservative infidels are at Number One, dogs are somewhere between Eight and Eleven, and the sweat of an unlawful ejaculation isn’t on the list at all.


  1. Obama, who reads a lot, really believes he is the invisible man--even though he wrote an autobio (which apparently no conservative has read, or understood). Killing bin Laden may have been his best deed as president, but it may also have gone to his already swollen head and encouraged the recklessness that will lead to his defeat.