Thursday, April 5, 2012

Network Negligence

The major news networks are conforming almost exactly to Rush Limbaugh's parody of them as the "Drive-By Media."

First, ABC apologizes for first reporting otherwise, but later noticing that in fact the pictures do show a wounded George Zimmerman.  Second, NBC edits and then admits to editing the audio tape in order to make Zimmerman look more like the racist they had already concluded he is.  Now, CNN enhances the same audio and confesses, that, oops, sorry, contrary to what they had earlier reported, he didn't say c**n after all.

Meanwhile, the city of Sanford seethes and nervously awaits the reaction to the special prosecutor's decision regarding Zimmerman's future.  The rest of us, the entire country, that is, are left to pick up the pieces...once again.

Rush is right: Drive-By.

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