Saturday, January 21, 2012

Out to Lunch

Yet another story in an apparently inexhaustible list to convincingly capture the pretentious, overly centralized, excessively bureaucratized, we-know-better-than-you, it's-other-peoples'-money-anyway, progressive/liberal mindset, as well as the kind of policies that invariably follow from it.  The results of which were altogether predictable, but not for that reason altered in any fashion.

Small stuff, you say.

Monstrous because it's petty, I say.

Meanwhile, the same people with the same mindset continue their Long March to control your health care as well...with similarly predictable results


  1. Point taken Sage. It sounds like that was an ill-conceived attempt to accomplish something I believe would be of value. I assume your aim here is to highlight the arrogance of the elites, who, in their showboating way, try to make it look as though our lives and health dedend on them rescuing us from ourselves. It makes my blood boil too.

    That said, if the local schools here are any kind of example, the food offered by cafeterias needs a major overhaul. When our children were there we were completely disgusted by it. Many of the children at school came from families that didn't emphasize the importance of a healthy diet at home. I'm not sure there would be any way to highlight the need for healthy eating, and model that in the school cafeteria, without ruffling someone's feathers or leaving them feeling as though the school's food choices reflected badly on what they were feeding their kids at home.

    Apologies for rambling but I think you get my point. Some issues have to be addressed and people get offended when you try to point that out.

    P.S. I'll comment on your "imagination" post when I'm a bit more clear-headed :)

  2. Thanks L. I guess my larger point is that it's no one's business save the parents of the kids themselves and the MOST local of authorities possible.

    I don't doubt for one minute that a good number of parents are irresponsible about a lot of things when it comes to the rearing of their children.

    But, one, while they may irresponsible about monitoring their kids' diet, they may be very responsible about disciplining those same kids to practice good manners, respect authority, etc. Which would you rather have, fit hoodlums or fat citizens? (Hey, I like that!)

    Two, all things being equal, who do you think has more of a sincere and better informed interest in the health of children? Their parents or some bureaucrat?

    All that being said, the unfortunately hidden cost here is to liberty itself. NEVER forget that!

    Bon appetit!

  3. Make no mistake, I'm all for liberty. As for fit hoodlums or fat citizens.....if I had to choose I would of course prefer fat citizens to fit hoodlums, but it's better to be neither. There is a social cost either way! I just thought it valuable to acknowledge that health issues create burdens we all end up paying for, though the issue is complicated, even in the context of school children.