Thursday, January 12, 2012

CLINTON: The Movie

Like his presidency, it'll doubtless be rated "R".

POLITICO reports  of PBS's "coming soon" four-hour documentary that chronicles the life and times of William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, apparently warts and all.

Genital warts and all?  The jury's out.  We're talking about PBS after all.

And we're also talking about POLITICO.

Remember that old TV program that would show B-movie horror/sci-fi flicks through the silhouettes of three aliens who would made sarcastic comments throughout?  One could imagine usefully employing much the same technique while reading the POLITICO piece.  Consider, for example, this comment from the report:
The film covers Clinton’s life in its entirety — from his childhood in Arkansas to his first runs for office to his election as governor of Arkansas to his presidency — but almost a full hour of the documentary focuses on Clinton’s personal struggles with fidelity, coupled with harsh, blunt language from many of his colleagues and chroniclers. (my italics)
As if Clinton's serial womanizing was more or less like his passion for fast and fatty foods.  Poor guy. 

Or this comment from Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich:
“I’ve asked myself a number of times why he put himself and his presidency in jeopardy in such a careless way. … Maybe Bill Clinton, who so much needed and wanted to be loved, couldn’t say no to someone who was going to give him affection and wanted affection back.”
He wasn't a lecher actually, but rather a man who couldn't resist the desperate advances of adoring women.  Good grief.

Like I say, we'll see. 

Or maybe we won't.  Given the content, it can't be aired until after prime time and I just can't stay up that late anymore.

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