Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Equal Time

Now that you've read the Pruden piece I mentioned in my previous post, be sure to complicate your consideration of Newt by reading as well this one by The American Spectator's Jeffrey Lord.


  1. Thanks again- the headache continues.

  2. Tell me about it.

    Pass the Excedrin.(imagine a little trademark sign right here)

  3. I'm with you both on this one. I find Newt's self-promotion and arrogance nauseating. He's long-winded. Sometimes listening to him is like hearing a stream-of-consciousness ramble. As for his personal failings, it's in many ways a sad history. Even if he didn't actually ask his wife for an open marriage it's a tangled and unpleasant to watch.

    Having said all that, I can at least respect the fact that he can get in there and pull off the gloves. By comparison, Mitt Romney seems thin-skinned (which I find particularly irritating).....he should put his "big boy" pants on and get over it. On top of that, he seems unable to project a strong and steady presence. Hardly the stuff of a confident, effective world leader, let alone his lack of a consistent, conservative history. I will be holding my nose when I vote this year.........