Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Than Just Math

If you thought it was in the main good that the GOP seemed finally to be coalescing around the candidacy of Mitt Romney, consider this sobering post by Michale Walsh over the NRO's The Corner blog.  He titles the post "Simple Arithmetic", but the way he ends it says something more than that:
As I said on the most recent NR cruise, if Romney is the nominee, he will lose. He has no idea what Axelrod & Co. are capable of, nor of the depths to which they will stoop to destroy him. They will attack him as a flip-flopper, as a panderer, as a rapacious and heartless one percenter, and, yes, as a Mormon. They will damn him with faint praise as a liberal accomodationist, as the spiritual father of Obamacare. He’s a gentleman in a mug’s game, and this is no time for gentlemen.

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