Monday, December 5, 2011

Oil Slick

Please consider very seriously this headline and the accompanying story:

"US on Pace to Become Net Fuel Exporter Despite High Gasoline Prices at Home"

Everything, and I do mean everything, you ever thought you knew about the United States' dependence upon, and overuse of petroleum is bull$#!+.

The US is not now and never has been "addicted" to oil. (Oh how I winced when former President Bush,--a Texan!--employed that very word in a sop to the liberal media several years back.)  On the contrary, the US uses oil, lots of it, and ingeniously so.

An otherwise useless, sticky, unsightly, but naturally-occuring nuisance, America turns into one of the most efficient forms of energy known to man and countless other products as well.  In the process, we also generate trillions of dollars of wealth and create untold millions of jobs and job opportunities.

Remember that when you vote, would you?


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